This magazine snippet was a project for my graphic design class where we began studying Adobe InDesign. For this project I specifically designed a magazine that focused on the theme of black luxury and culture.

To accomplish this task, I employed a variety of design skills. I utilized my knowledge of typography to carefully choose and pair fonts that would complement the content of the magazine. I wanted to emphasize luxury and neatness but also tie that into unapologetic culture. I  used my understanding of layout and composition to create visually interesting spreads that would engage and captivate readers.
In addition, I utilized my skills in photo editing to select and enhance images that would align with the overall aesthetic of the magazine. I then made sure to use high-quality photos that would accurately represent the content and theme of each article.

Overall, creating this magazine required a combination of technical proficiency in InDesign and a creative eye for design. I am proud of the finished product and believe that it effectively showcases my ability

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